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Confederate Heritage Organizations

Sons of Confederate Veterans, International Headquarters

Military Order of the Stars & Bars

Sons of Confederate Veterans, Georgia Division

Order of the Southern Cross

Order of the Confederate Rose

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Children of the Confederacy

Black Confederate Soldier Foundation

Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization

The Museum of the Confederacy

Genealogical Searches and Military Searches


Family Search - Search for Ancestors

National Archives & Records Administration

Ordering Georgia Pension & Military Records

Georgia Military Records

USA Gen. Web - Search by State & County

Confederate Regimental History Links

The Civil War Era USIGS

National Park Service Soldiers & Sailors Search

Flag Sites


SCV Battle Flag Site

Georgia State Flag, Sec. of State

Flags of the Confederacy

Battle Flags of the Confederacy


Flags of the Confederacy Unfurled

True Southern News


Southern Messenger

Confederate Historical Sites


Hunley Web Site

5th Georgia Cavalry Regt. Home Page

Confederate Veteran Articles

Regimental Histories

Confederate Irregular Warfare 1861-1865

Stovall's Georgia Infantry Brigade



Blockade Runner